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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

e.l.f review - eyelid primer

When I ordered the primer I was secretly hoping this would be a 'holy grail' find and that I wouldn't have to splash out on the Urban Decay eye primer potion I had been eyeing up (no pun intended!) , but seriously at £1.50 what was I really expecting?

For me the smell of a product going anywhere near my face is very important, so imagine the horror when I sniffed the elf primer, and to double check I wasn't being over fussy I asked my boyfriend to have a sniff - we made the same conclusion, the primer smelt like emulsion paint. Gross!!

The consistency of the primer wasn't much better. It was clumpy and gel like. Is that how they're suppose to be as this is the first eyelid primer I've ever bought?Applied it dries to a matte finish but I didn't think the coverage wasn't very good as I saw no difference to my eyelid. I chose not to keep it on because of the smell so whether it lasts will remain a mystery.

I definitely DO NOT recommend this even at £1.50!


  1. Hmmmm... I forgot to buy this in my ELF haul! So annoying but I checked a couple of youtube videos on the difference between the Urban Decay one and this and apparantly they both very very similar only th UD one is extortionate. It's not supposed to offer coverage but just to keep the concealer & most importantly the eyeshadows in place all day/night long. Did you manage to try that out?


  2. Hi Terri
    Ahh I see! No I didn't because it smells so nasty. I hope the UD one doesn't smell the same, but to be honest I might give it a miss as I have other products higher on my wishlist!