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Saturday, 10 April 2010


I don't usually wear lipstick but it's because I can never find any I like. I tend to buy lipsticks and then wear them for a very short period of time (maybe 1 week) and then decide I dislike the colour. Yes it's a waste of money!

I was wandering John Lewis last year and ended up chatting to the YSL sales assistant. I wanted a lipstick but was really unsure of what colour to get, so I played it safe and asked her to help me find an everyday lipstick that was natural looking. I tried on a few and finally picked one from the Rouge Pure Shine range (No.6).

I quite like it because it glides on smoothly and it's incredibly sheer (yet it shows up on your lips). It almost feels like you're putting on liquid because as soon as the stick touches your lips it melts and a cherry scent is released (the scent is nice and not too over powering). Overall it's a pretty girly natural colour and very moisturising (even contains SPF15) but the down side is that it does come off easily.

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