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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Everyone loves receiving freebies and after the tiring day I had (8 hours on my feet!) the small package that was awaiting my arrival home was well received. Avène had sent samples of their Extremely gentle cleanser and Skin recovery cream calming after I recently filled in their skin diagnosis form to find out which product would suit my skin. I wasn't expecting anything but they have obviously used the information from the diagnosis to send me suitable samples. I'm looking forward to trying out the Skin Recovery cream as my face has been irritated quite badly by the industrial strength AC where I spend my working hours.

Are there any moisturises you would suggest that would last under AC?


  1. nice freebies :)

    i recommend Clinique moisture surge extra thirst relief moisturizing gel. It did wonders for my dry skin throughout winter season here over in Japan! Nothing cuts it, i swear.

  2. I've never really got on with other Clinique products I have previously tried but I'll definitely check it out and see whether they can give me a sample to try! Air condition is so bad for the skin and mine seems to suffer so badly!
    Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. very nice freebies. Please do update and let us know how these skincare products work.