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Friday, 28 May 2010

A couple of treats

I can't wear nail polish at work or even have long nails which means I never really buy nail polish but after seeing Terri's haul from Topshop I had to satisfy my curiosity and check out their new range. I loved the Big Smoke nail polish and thought it was the nicest colour so treated myself to that and a blush in Flush.
Apologises for the poor picture (taken with my phone) but hopefully you can see how lovely the colour is. I described it to someone as dirty paint water but I guess it doesn't make it sound to appealing! Here I applied about 3 coats plus a top coat to get a solid colour. The polish is described as long-wearing and for the 4 days I had it on my nails it didn't chip though there was slight wear at the tips. Would I buy it again, probably but at £5 a bottle I expect a bit more than 8ml especially if I have to apply more than 2 coats!

I don't have a swatch of the blush but I'll rectify that once I get a battery for my camera but as you can see the packaging is really cute and there's a handy mirror for touch ups. It goes on quite easily and blends well and because you have to really squish down with your finger to pick up lots of product you're less likely to overdo it and look like a clown. I think the colour is quite a pinky magenta if that even makes sense and reminds me of a Bobbi Brown blush in Peony.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Pop of Kawaii giveaway

With exams out of the way I feel I can truly indulge, guilt free in blogging again... well until the next round. So what have I been missing, a lot it seems. To my delight fellow blogger Nic Nic has opened her own online store, selling Japanese cosmetics and other wonderful goodies. Stocking brands such as Jill Stuart, Lunasol and Kanebo my wallet going to be feeling a lot lighter in the weeks to come.

To celebrate the launch of her new website she is giving away goodies to six lucky winners chosen at random. To find out how to enter check out her blog.

I wish Nic Nic the best of luck with her new venture.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Revlon Benefit equivalents

Some of you may know Benefit has discontinued 'her glossiness' and like me sad to see them go. Anyway I have found suitable replacements. After my bf purchased the Revlon Super Lustrous in Coral Reef and liking it, I went to check out their other colours and found Pink Pop was a perfect match to 'who are you wearing?' and peach petal a perfect match to 'didn't hear it from me'. The only real difference is pigmentation - Revlon is slightly more pigmented and thicker in consistency. However the big bummer is these colours are limited edition and will be gone from the shelves in the coming months. Time to stock up?

Anyway I'm definitely loving these Revlon glosses!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Wellcome Collection - Upcoming exhibiton

For those who live in London, UK or can get to it easily, Wellcome Collection near Euston station/ Warren Street tube have an exhibition on Skin starting 10 June - 26 September 2010. It has a lovely coffee shop, if a little expensive but the admission is free into the exhibiton which makes up for it. Definitely a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

New Revlon Lip gloss

I have 4 exams that are rapidly approaching which has meant hours and hours and HOURS of revision - quite depressing really. However to cheer me up my bf without any consultation bought me a new lip gloss - Revlon Super Lustrous in the new 170 - Coral Reef colour.
When I first saw the colour on my lips I wasn't really sure it suited me, but it has definitely grown on me. The colour is quite intense/pigmented so for this shade I prefer to apply a light layer.

Do you think I should let my bf select lip glosses in the future?
I've added an extra picture to show what a thicker layer looks like. I think the colour is more coral coloured than the pictures demonstrate.

What the website says about the product:
"Silky...Sexy...Brilliant. Glossy formula combines sheer color and intense moisture with light-reflecting spheres to create amazing shine. SPF 15"

Right back to work!