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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Something Spontaneous!

I'm not the type of girl who plans ahead when it comes to getting a haircut. I will suddenly get an urge to have it cut, I don't usually know what I want done either! I've had long hair for a while now and I'm fed up with my dry ends and the dullness to it.

Here is the before and after pic:
Taken in the evening.

Taken today with natural light.

I like the fact my hair will dry quicker and I'll be a lot cooler in the summer! 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Minnie!

    Love the hair! Looks great on you - can't believe you went under the scissors. I'd be scared to make such a big chop but I think it suits you really well so don't worry!

    Btw great blog you & your cousin have here. You're doing well! love your posts. Check out bloglovin & Independent Fashion Blogger sites. You can check out other people's blogs on there & then it can be reciprocated to build your followers.

    Love Txx