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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

e.l.f review - the packaging

If make-up was judged by its packaging e.l.f would be right at the bottom. It's hideous, makes the brand look cheap, and there is way too much of it. The packaging for their minerals line is recyclable so their website states, but what about the other stuff? I'm no tree-hugger but I do try and recycle as much as possible, even if it's to have a guilt free conscious knowing that I've done my part.
Each brush presented in their own plastic pouch with cardboard backing inside. A little excessive!
Felt like I was ripping open a pen packet
Yuk! Looks really cheap.
This was all the packaging ready for the bin.

E.l.f state they prioritise their products, rather than their packaging, to provide quality and value but surely by not using a spot varnish finish on some of the boxes they would save some money and not providing unnecessary plastic pouches for each brush would help the environment?
My advice, lose the poorly shot images and stick to one plain colour with simple text!

Reviews of the products coming soon but here's hoping they're not as awful as the packaging.


  1. Hahah Minnie!

    You know what? I've just made a purchase at ELF too and about to do a haul post! mwahaha. But am leaving it for tomorrow coz my camera died on my whilst taking photos.


    I'm tagging you with another award! Check my blog :)

  2. What a coincident! I haven't written the ELF purchase my cousin bought me yet. She'll be writing up her review later. I'll be sure to check ELF review out tomorrow!

  3. Thanks for following :D cool Elf haul!