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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bobbi Brown

The plan was to find a new foundation as I'm disliking my MAC one at the moment,  I find that it makes me look darker (cousin A said it was because it oxidises). I wasn't too sure what brand I wanted but my cousin A was on hand and suggested a few. I tried on the Chanel Mat Lumiere which I found too heavy and caked on, though to be fair the sales assistant layered it on far too much. I then tried on Nars Sheer Glow, I wasn't impressed with the sales assistant's way of applying the foundation to my face. She just used her fingers (I didn't see her wash or sanitise her hands!). As you can guess I wasn't taken by Nars but it could be that she didn't wipe off the Chanel foundation properly so again my face with rather cakey! Also she cousin A said she wasn't really selling the product, her mind was on something else!

The last foundation was Bobbi Brown. This time I was impressed with the way the sales assistant prepared my skin! She wiped off all the foundation(s) and followed it by hydrating my skin with moisturiser and serum. The foundation was Skin Foundation SP15 in shade 3.5. It went on very smoothly and it's extremely light, it felt fluid, like water, probably because it is water base! The effect you achieve with this foundation is more natural glow, so there is a little shine which I'm not used to so I asked for a little powder! Anyway I thought you had to put on powder afterwards to set the foundation?

I also got a corrector which I desperately needed for my horrid under eye bags. This is the problem when I have really early rises and late nights!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Below Deck and Mint Cream

China Glaze Below Deck with a coat of Color Club Femme Fatale on top.

Color Club Femme Fatale

Elf Mint Cream
Required 4 coats here to achieve complete opacity. Was incredibly streaky and a general pain in the butt to apply. If I didn't love the colour so much I would throw this in the trash.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Chop

My nails are shorter, they had to go after I broke one playing rounders on Saturday :-( I can't stand having different length nails.

NOTD: Pelican Grey from the Anchors Away Collection. Love this because it's got silvery micro shimmers (just about see on the index finger) which gives it more dimension and doesn't look flat on the nail. I even got a compliment.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Tea, cake and croquet

Providing the weather holds tomorrow I'll be attending an Alice in Wonderland style tea party/picnic dressed as a flamingo. To match my bright pink outfit I have painted my nails using Rimmel's I love fruities Lasting Finish in Cranberry Zest 066. Application was quick with the wide brush and only two coats were required for an opaque finish. As the name suggests there is a fruity smells once the polish dries, a bit gimmicky but whatever the colour is nice.

For base I used Collection 2000 Nail Care 2 in 1 Base Coat and Ridge filler with Keratin. No top coat was used as I'm not planning to keep this mani on for more than 2 days!