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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Across the blogosphere I've been reading rave reviews about the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, so with my Ipsa foundation running low I nipped to my local Boots to see what the fuss was all about and whether this foundation could work for me. After a lot of testing in-instore I came away with Vanilla 52.

Above you can see the test I've done. In the first image I have no primer on, just moisturiser. You can see my skin has some freckles and blemishes. (My skin is in a sorry state at the moment). In the second image I have applied a single layer of the foundation and already you can see it has evened out my complexion, though some freckles are still peeking through. With 2 layers most of my freckles are invisible and my skin looks clear.

In comparison with my Ispa foundation this is slightly thicker in consistency so I have to apply a little more effort to blend it into my face. There's a rather distinct smell to it which I find overwhelming but that may be because I'm used to a foundation that doesn't smell.
I have quite dry skin and even drier patches around my mouth area which I'm constantly battling with. What I like about my Ispa foundation is that is doesn't highlight these problem patches too much, unfortunately with the Bourjois foundation it does, and in these areas the foundation looks a bit cakey which I know will bother me when I'm out. It also sits in lines if not blended enough.

I went out for a walked and at first my face looked quite dewy but on returning my face had lost its original radiance. The problem patches were also a bit more obvious. Not great.
So overall for £9.99 this foundation does the trick. If you have normal skin that doesn't dry out then this foundation is perfect and totally worth the money. If like me you have quite dry skin then be wary!! I'll be interested to see how this foundation last on a night out with my face getting hot and sweaty!

If you want to read about the product and all the 'benefits' it offers check out the Bourjois site.

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