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Friday, 16 April 2010


I had a few chores to do this (late) morning and it gave me an excuse to pop into town afterwards. I headed towards Boots to look for mascara as my Maybelline stylist is almost running out and is now discontinued (I don't know why Maybelline decided this because it is a very good mascara!). I found one similar and decided to get it (I've not tried it yet though), it was in a green tube called Define-A-Lash. It was between the green tube or the pink one (Define-A-Lash Volume). I'm still kind of undecided... I might just read some reviews before opening it.

I also found myself purchasing one of the Maybelline Colour Sensation lipsticks! I wanted a pinkish tone but not too overbearing so came away with Ambre Rose. The hue is pink but the undertone is mauve/lilac which I think suits my colouring... My brain think this to be correct from having a design background the colour spectrum says purple and yellow compliment. Yellow being my skin undertone. See a design degree did come in handy! Haha.

Lipstick £6.99, Mascara £7.99

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