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Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Despite finishing exams I'm still rather snowed under with work :-(. I'm slowly working my way through it all and can see the end in sight! So my posts will be short and sweet for now, hope that's ok. I recently popped in to Muji on Oxford Street, London, UK to pick up lint roller refills - their roller is by far the most superior one around but I'm not here to talk about that haha.
When I was in there I had a look at their skincare range and saw these compressed face masks (£1.50 for 5) .
Basically they're like those compressed face flannels or t-shirts that used to be available - you add water and they expand. On their own these masks are a bit useless especially if you just add water but the idea is to add toning water or pre lotion from Muji's skincare range and allow it to sufficiently soak then unwrap it and apply it to your face. I'm yet to purchase anything from their skincare range so am yet to find a use for these. Perhaps I could soak these in essence samples I have?

Also, in their leaflet promoting the skincare range is an illustrated step by step massage regime. Here it is in case anyone wanted to try.


  1. i tried those about 2 yrs ago! pretty good deal what you get i think.. yeah its popular to soak that stuff up with essence or lotion and use it as a mask in japan! I tried it with green tea - its worked as my anti-flammatory mask :) Tho I dont use it anymore. They also have compressed masks that contain pearl ingredients (for brightening) which I thought was pretty cool!

  2. This blog is actually amazing. I'm a student on a budget but I want the best possible make-up and skincare I can get for my money.
    Thanks girls!!!

  3. Hi Caroldolly thank you for your lovely comment. I'm also a student albeit a mature one so definitely know the harsh realities of a tight budget! One day I may be able to afford to splash out on fancy products and massive hauls! :-)


  4. If you buy things from the skin care range, would you review it? I'd love to know how the masks work out.. :)