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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

What am I loving?

Unless I win the lottery, my bursary which is provided by the wonderful healthcare system here in the UK will only allow me to purchase 'drugstore' goodies. I'm not complaining though because I always feel with drugstore purchases I'm getting more bang for my buck - if it's good I've snagged myself a little gem and if it's not so good, well no harm done to my bank balance.

At the moment I'm totally loving the Maybelline Mousse blushes and eye shadows. They've been around for a while but for some reason I never took notice of them before! What I like is that they're really easy to apply and blend really well. Using a finger works best and you can easily control how much you pick up.

Probably the worst swatches ever but you can see the blushes are quite pigmented and sparkly so go easy on them. The eyeshadows have to be built up if you want the colour to show up - I personally like this. Because the shadows are quite sparkly also I like to use these as a base to add a little something without going OTT if you're going for the more natural look. They last pretty much the a full working day on my eyelids without creasing. I don't have oily lids but my friend who has told me it lasted quite well for her.

You can get them anywhere that has a Maybelline stand but Superdrug have more of a range than Boots. I definitely recommend them if like me you have never even noticed them in the shops before as they're only about £5.99. The only thing I guess I would point out is the texture may vary and be a bit drier than others.

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