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Saturday, 21 August 2010


My holidays are coming to an end rather rapidly and before I have to cut my nails to a sensible length and remove all traces of nail polish I thought I'd have a go at blinging them up! I saw how pretty the gold glitter looked on Make Me Blushhh's blog and wanted to give it a go. Here's the result...I was worried they'd look a bit garish but the gold glitter is quite subtle but adds a nice girly touch. On MMB's nails she used polish from Sephora a store we no longer have in the UK so after visiting the usual high-street haunts I ended up having to buy my polish on eBay (seller: kissnmakeupx). It only cost £2.75 and came through the post very quickly.

Hope you like it. Ax


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  2. very cute! i like how your nails are clear with glittered tips!

  3. hahaha! my mum used to ask me that all the time too!
    and if it was a boy, then you get into trouble! unless you're on the wrong side of 20 at which point your mum will want to meet said boy then proceed to sit him down and interrogate him, if he's a Harvard doctor, she'll start asking when you guys are planning to get married by the time you come home that night T.T